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Pathward’s Sustainability Commitment 

Pathward’s sustainability efforts start with financial inclusion. They guide our policies, practices, commitments, and goals to benefit shareholders, customers, employees, our communities, and the environment.

Pathward’s 2023 Sustainability Report

“Our dedication to fostering an inclusive financial system is demonstrated through sustained efforts in community outreach, volunteering, and targeted charitable investments in the locations in which we operate.”

Catherine McGlown

Pathward SVP, ESG, Communications and Brand

Governance Commitment

Our corporate governance demonstrates Pathward’s commitment to our purpose of powering financial inclusion for all. Our Board of Directors’ Governance, Nominating and Sustainability Committee - which meets quarterly to discuss current and emerging ESG topics and provides oversight of our ESG policies, programs, and strategies - is an example of our intentional approach to integrating ESG into our business. 

Man discussing corporate governance with three colleagues.


Say-on-pay vote in 2023

Female directors on Board of Directors

Social Commitment

By working with fintech and finserv innovators, we enable financial availability, choice, and opportunity for underbanked members of our society. Additionally, we work to create a constructive working environment for our colleagues and a positive impact on communities through nonprofit partnerships.

Smiling volunteers packing cans into a cardboard box.


CRA loans and investments in community development in Assessment Area. *This includes $2.9M in prior period investments.


Total Community Reinvestment Act community development investments in BSRA. *This includes $63M in prior period investments.

Community Impact Program

Pathward provides charitable investments to nonprofit organizations that align with our mission and help advance work in disaster relief, educational support, financial inclusion, and personal and family empowerment. 

Pathward Employee Volunteer Program

Throughout the year, Pathward provides company-sponsored volunteer opportunities where employees can volunteer together. All full-time employees can take up to two days (16 working hours) of Volunteer Time Off each year.

Dollars for Doers

Employees earn $20 per volunteer hour logged toward a contribution that Pathward will make to a nonprofit of the employee’s choice. Employees can earn up to $480 per year for their favorite organizations through the program.

Pathward Employee Matching Gifts

Pathward encourages employees to contribute to causes they care about most by doubling the impact of their charitable donations to eligible nonprofits with matching gifts.

Pathward Gives Back

Financial Inclusion informs everything we do, including our volunteer support of the communities where we live and work. Our goal is to create lasting, positive change for people and families across the country. 


Charitable contributions


Volunteer hours tracked

Volunteer Time Off hours taken

Pathward Charitable Community Investment Map

*This map represents some of Pathward's community partners

Environmental Commitment 

We’re dedicated to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business operations by reducing waste, conserving resources, and reducing our carbon footprint. We practice and promote environmental stewardship while mitigating our company’s exposure to environmental risks. We recognize that the ventures and activities we finance – particularly in alternative energy – can have a powerful, positive environmental impact and provide optimal returns for our shareholders. 

Energy Storage System With Solar Panel, Wind Turbines and Li-ion Battery Containers for environmental solutions.


Reduction in operational emissions. *Reflects scope 1 & 2.


Renewable solar energy financing in 2023. *This represents a 27% YoY increase.

*Numbers reflect activity from Pathward's fiscal year 2023.

Sustainability and ESG Reports Archive

Pathward team volunteers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Pathward team volunteers in Easton, Pennsylvania
Pathward team volunteers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Pathward team volunteers in Franklin, Tennessee


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