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As technology accelerates transactional payments, you need to keep up with cash flow, risk, security, and compliance. Pathward can help you stay ahead through our proven expertise and strategic partnerships, all while leveraging our bank’s national charter and risk management and compliance frameworks. Start processing and accepting payments quickly and confidently with Pathward’s payment solutions.

Our Solutions

  • Money movement
  • ATM sponsorship
  • Merchant acquiring sponsorship

Money Movement

Pathward can support your money movement needs with ACH, wire, and push to debit. We’ll work with you to craft the speed, form, and cost that’s right for your solution.

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Consultative and Collaborative

We will guide you through the regulatory policies and infrastructure to support large-scale money movement through our collaboration with top-tier processors and networks.

Proven Implementation Processes

Our team of implementation experts deliver speed to revenue, identify gaps and requisite resources, and provide strategies and solutions with a range of processors.

Partner support delivers customer loyalty

Our commitment to partner service translates to consistent operational success. Our payment systems unlock increased customer loyalty by disbursing funds quickly for rebates, refunds, credits, insurance benefits, tax refunds, and gig pay. 

Moved daily in ACH and wire services
Top 50

NACHA – Top 50 ACH Originator and Receiver (#18 and #27, April 2023)

Moved since start of Mastercard Send and Visa Direct programs in 2020

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ATM Sponsorship

Pathward connects partners and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) to the networks, processors, and vendors that support ATM innovations. Our ISO partners provide cash access to retailers and consumers in underserved markets.

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Nationwide Partnerships

We own strong relationships to nationwide processors, debit networks, and ATM manufacturers, allowing you to best meet your business needs in markets across the country.

Access Funds Immediately

We built our settlement accounts to match your terminal requirements, so you can rest easy knowing your funds can be accessed day or night.

A Better Experience

We host ongoing opportunities to keep our partners trained and educated regarding critical knowledge in the ATM industry. When needs arise, a Pathward customer service team is on standby.


ATMs sponsored nationwide


ATM ISO partners


American consumers who depend on cash (Research study on ATM industry)

Merchant Acquiring Sponsorship

Our merchant acquiring sponsorship supports your programs with oversight, guidance, and compliance, empowering you to enter the market with speed and safety. We’ll build a sponsorship approach that meets your needs. 

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Merchant point-of-sale acquiring 

  • Support for payments facilitators and other emerging models
  • Partnered with fintechs who enable software capabilities
  • Proven solutions across a range of needs and use cases

Partnering as an acquiring processor

  • Scalable processor onboarding
  • Dedicated technical resources
  • Network compliant program management and oversight

Partnering with an existing processor 

  • Seamless integration with approved Pathward processors
  • Faster go-to-market solution
  • Reduced implementation resource time due to established processes

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